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Posted Fri, 09 Feb 2024 00:34:00 GMT by
Hi, I've just wanted to check that I had done things properly. I regeristed myself with HMRC as a sole trader. I'm a freelance journalist but the thing is that I currently have only one customer...would that be an issue? I mean is this job still considered as self-employment, in this case ? This is not my main income, I have other jobs in temporary agencies in hospitality and events (but in this case, I'm on PAYE event if the jobs are very flexible...). If the case of my job as a journalist, it's also very flexible, I have no contract...Basically, I pitch stories, they say yes or they say no, I work on my pieces at home, the only rules that must follow are the deadlines, the lenght and, well, of course, the angle of the pieces but I'm completely free to work where I want and at what times I want as long as the job is done. i'm also free to say 'no' for for some reasons I'm too busy with the other jobs 1 month. Would this job as journalist still be regarded as self-employment (I'm paid by article and I, of course, invoice my client for each piece), in those conditions, event if I've only got one customer (it's not my main source of income, I would say it would be half/half with the temporary agencies...but actually -that's not the case - but if it would be my main source of income, would it be an issues (I mean, again, in terms of work status) ? Of course, I declare all the income from this job on my tax return. Many thanks
Posted Tue, 13 Feb 2024 14:58:19 GMT by HMRC Admin 32

Yes, this would be self employment as a sole trader.

Thank you.

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