Hello I require assistance with how to practically correct an misallocation in the gift aid boxes of my self assessment tax return for 2020-21. I made some donations on 1 April 2021 which were mis allocated as follows: Gift aid payments made in the year to 5 Apr 2021 - understated this number by £220 Gift aid payments made after 6 Apr 2021 but to be treated as if made in the year to 5 Apr 2021 - overstated this number by £220. This period is closed to amendment - I understand the option for correcting this error is to write to HMRC to adjust the return - the tax adjustment would be nil as the two numbers net to nil. It seems to me that the administrative burden of recording a change that nets to nil is not justified - am I allowed to leave the figures unadjusted? If the figures in 2020/21 are unadjusted can I also leave the figures unadjusted in 2021/22? If HMRC were to update the numbers for 2020-21 then I would need to update 2021/22 as follows (again the adjustment nets to nil). Gift aid payments made to 5 April 2022 - amend to reduce by £200. Gift aid payments made to 5 April 2022: claimed in prior year - amend to reduce by £200 If I take no action on both returns the effect is a net nil position though the figures are technically incorrectly allocated. Many thanks