Hello, I moved to Spain in June 2023 and spent more than 183 days there, making me a tax resident in Spain for the entire year 2023, as Spain does not have a split tax year. I worked for a UK employer until May 2023, and before permanently relocating to Spain, I worked remotely for my UK employer in February and March 2023 from Spain. For the tax year 2022/2023, based on the Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) 14.1, I would like to claim relief for the working days in Spain in February and March 2023. By relief, I mean excluding the income earned while I worked in Spain from being taxed in the UK. During my time working time in Spain in February and March 2023, I had a permanent home there, and my family already lived there, establishing my center of vital and economic interest in Spain. Although I am still a UK resident for 2022/2023 due to working full time in the UK, I am also a resident in Spain. My understanding is that, as part of the self-assessment, I also need to fill in SA109 and HS302 to provide information about my residency and claim to exclude income for the working days in Spain (that amount of the income will be entered under foreign earnings not taxable in the UK on SA101). Could you please check that my understanding is correct from the UK perspective? Thank you in advance.