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Posted Wed, 06 Dec 2023 18:01:18 GMT by
Hi - my husband and I sold a second property (not rented out) in August 2022. I completed and paid capital gains fairly quickly. I have just done the quick questions about whether I need to do a self assessment but it asks 'Do you need to pay Capital Gains' - well is the answer yes or no, being as though it's already been paid? Surely this should be explained. I've been over an hour trying to find the answer. I selected 'yes' and at the end it says 'you need to report Capital Gains'. I selected no' and it says I don't need to complete one. I don't work and have no other income. I am dreading having to fill one in because I know it won't be straightforward if I've already paid it and there will be various questions I have throughout completion about the figures I am entering. My husband receives a company pension but he has also paid the Capital Gains so same question - whether he needs to complete one? If so, is there any info that makes it clear how to complete if already paid the capital gains , I've seen one question about this and confusion whether it includes the allowance. That sort of thing. Thank you
Posted Thu, 07 Dec 2023 16:41:40 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi julie Shields,
If you have no other reason to complete a tax return then no, you dont need to declare again.
If you do normally complete a return then you will declare the gain again and also complete the section for gains already reported so that you are not charged tax twice.
Thank you. 
Posted Thu, 07 Dec 2023 17:00:27 GMT by
Thank you very much. Something I forgot to mention - my husband has received an email 'Self Assessment - 100 Days to Go' from It's just a reminder, but he hasn't been notified he has to complete one in the first place. Would he have received an official letter? I've looked at the list of genuine email addresses on HMRC but the email address is not on there. He has always been in permanent employment and only asked to do a self assessment in 2017 when he took voluntary retirement. When we completed and paid the Capital Gains (individually as a joint ownership), it did say something about a self assessment may be needed but I assumed we would be notified. I'm worried if he doesn't do one he will get a big fine, but is that possible if he didn't know to do one. He gets tax deducted from his pension. Also, he has ended up with two accounts for logging in. One which he set up when he was asked to do a tax return in 2017 and a latest one when we did the Capital Gains Tax submission, which is Government Gateway. When he logs into this, the latest one, he is told he has to log into the other one so the record of the Capital Gains that was completed cannot be viewed if needed. Thank you again
Posted Tue, 12 Dec 2023 10:14:01 GMT by HMRC Admin 10
By receiving the email, it suggests that he has been issued with a notice to file and we are expecting a tax return for the 22/23 tax year.
If he no longer needs a return, he can phone 0300 200 3310 to have the return cancelled.

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