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Posted Sat, 16 Sep 2023 12:41:53 GMT by Phillip Taylor
Just wondering if anyones had a similar experience to myself regarding self assessments or appeals, I'll try and keep it breif. Received my first self assessment letter in September 2022, rang up to enquire why I'd underpaid, got pressured into paying it and nothing was checked. Rang back in Feb 2023 to pay off the small amount left, got told the amount owed was nearly £2000 going back to 2018-19, and to call back with my financial details and arrange a payment plan, again nothing was checked and the advisor was far from helpful. My online account also showed, and still does, that my previous and current tax year is correct and there's nothing left to pay. Requested letters to be sent via post so I actually know what I owe for what years, which I received later in February 23. Realised I can appeal and read up on my rights, I then sent a letter of appeal off as hmrc failed to notify me at all about the previous tax years, and either failed to act on information they received from my new employer, or my employer failed to give them the correct information which they are required to by law. I wouldn't have even known about the previous years tax had I not rang up myself. Rang up a few months back to check they had received my letter, they had and it also showed as "in process" online. I've since been waiting for a response via post about the outcome of my appeal. Received emails a few days ago telling me my tax has been calculated and I had new messages on my online account telling me the amounts I owe for the previous years, which I already knew about anyway from the letters I'd requested. The last message online also said that the amount will be taken from my wages automatically over the next 12 months, I'm unsure if this is the remainder from the last tax year I was paying off or the total amount. So it seems my letter of appeal has been completely ignored. I've not received any confirmation via post or any correspondence at all from hmrc apart from my recent messages online. There's also nothing showing as "in process" online anymore either. I did speak to another advisor in Feb 23 who investigated my account, and told me there was either an error on the system or my employer had provided the wrong information to hmrc. This is why I was never notified about the previous years before 2022, and why I hadn't been taxed at the BR of 20% when I started my second job in 2019. Any advice would be appreciated.
Posted Wed, 27 Sep 2023 06:41:53 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi Phillip Taylorz,
We apologise if you haven't received a response to your letter regarding the outstanding amounts.
If you contact our Income Tax department we can locate the letter on the system and refer this on to advise the processing office that you haven't had to response to the letter.
Income Tax: general enquiries
Thank you. 

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