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Posted Fri, 15 Sep 2023 10:42:36 GMT by Jonathan Lopez
I received a letter in June 2023 to fill out a Self Assessment online (First time as a PAYE person) as the result of being overtaxed on a redundancy payment in 2022 I completed that on 22nd June- which showed I was owed a repayment of £7503. This was listed as "pending" The 'How long will it take page' stated that I should have that by 30th July at the latest- 6 weeks wait. 31st July arrived with no payment received. I web chatted with HMRC to be told that it was now up to 12 weeks to receive my payment as "I'd been selected for additional identity checks to prevent fraud- we may contact you for additional information" 11th September- 12 weeks later- I have received no letter, e-mail or phone call asking for additional information. My repayment is still 'pending' So I called the Self Assessment helpline on the 12th September- after 45 minutes on hold, I was told that my payment had 'cleared all the identity and fraud checks- so there's no reason why I should have it yet" and a 'note' was put on my file to make this happen....But I should wait "Another 2 weeks- and up to 8 weeks" for a payment to be received. So: HMRC took about 5 minutes to collect this tax from my redundancy payment. Right now it's looking it's going to take 22 WEEKS to get it back....if I get it back at all- which right now I am not confident will actually happen. I have had zero communications from HMRC- radio silence on progress. I have had to do ALL of the chasing, and every time there's been an addition of weeks and I'm no closer to getting back the tax that was incorrectly taken from me. I have also raised complaint online via my account about this but that too has not been responded to and is still showing as "pending"- which doesn't surprise me.
Posted Fri, 15 Sep 2023 14:06:47 GMT by FCP
Hi Jonathan, I'm in a very similar situation as well. Could you please share where you found this: 'How long will it take page' ? Thanks
Posted Fri, 15 Sep 2023 17:01:16 GMT by Jonathan Lopez
Here it is: not that the date it gives is in any way accurate

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