Hi Everyone! I used BNO Visa arriving UK in October 2023 and get a temporatory job which means I am an UK Tax Resident right now. I am confused about the savings which I stll kept in Hong Kong. I would like to know and being answered about the followings: 1. I still have quantitative amount of HKD savings in Hong Kong which are the capital by solding my property on early 2022 and salaries I earned in Hong Kong in the past few years. I planned to convert them into pounds and transfer to my own UK account.Please confirm if this is not taxable except the interest generated? 2.I had already finished the process of tax clearance in Hong Kong in September 2023 . I was still in Hong Kong from 6 April 2023 to late September, Do I need to report the interest gained during this period? 3. Is there any deadline which I must transfer my savings to UK or else the amount transferred will be taxable? 4. Nowadays, my UK bank account have several sources of money inside inculding the salaries from my temporatory job in UK. Does it mean that my account will be treated as a mixed fund and make all of my money become taxable once I transfer my savings from Hong Kong to this UK account? I am just confused and hope that I can get advices for my situation. Thank you very much !