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Posted Fri, 08 Dec 2023 17:28:03 GMT by
Hello, Will appreciate help with two questions: 1. I am a UK resident No-domiciled and have foreign income which I am not bringing to UK. I understand that I dont have to pay taxes on it in UK. Do I still need to declare it in my Tax return? 2. If I use remittance basis for my foreign income then do I lose "ALL" my allowance even if I am not bringing any money to UK? Or this loss of personal allowance is equal to the money which I have remitted to UK? For example if my foreign income is £10,000 and I dont bring any of it to UK then for taxes on my UK income do I lose all of the personal allowance? Thanks a lot for your help.
Posted Thu, 14 Dec 2023 11:55:30 GMT by
Can HMRC team kindly help with this question. Thanks and regards..
Posted Fri, 15 Dec 2023 07:47:07 GMT by HMRC Admin 25
Hi A Ahmad,
Please refer to guidance here:
Paying tax on the remittance basis (Self Assessment helpsheet HS264)
Thank you. 
Posted Fri, 15 Dec 2023 09:45:40 GMT by
Thanks for responding back. I had seen this document and just saw it again, I don't get answer to my question about losing "ALL" of my personal allowance if one uses the remittance basis? Esp if they are not bringing any money to UK. Or the loss of allowance is equal to the funds remitted to UK? Thanks so much again.
Posted Tue, 19 Dec 2023 16:11:12 GMT by HMRC Admin 32

Please have a look at the remittance basis guidance at RDRM32040, which advises of the removal of personal allowanced and annual exempt allowance, when claiming the remittance basis.  
RDRM32040 - Remittance Basis: Accessing the remittance basis: Claiming the remittance basis: Loss of Personal Allowances and the Annual Exempt Amount

There is also helpsheet HS264 with guidance on the remittance basis.  

Remittance basis 2023 (HS264)

Thank you.

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