Im on my third attempt in 3 hours! Been cut off twice - once whilst finally speaking to an agent. 40 min wait each time.... Ive been trying to sort out a late penalty fine which was not late and has been verified by my accountant . Im still getting worrying letters saying Im building up fines of over £2000 since Jan 23. Ive tried writing, phoning, appealing online and getting nowhere. Im getting really worried. I am losing sleep over this. All i have is a weird letter back in broken english which i suspect was written by AI not eben with my correct name on it. but signed by Agent Gary Dodds. I was in the middle of talking to an agent and it suddenly transferred me to a questionaire on tax credits! I couldnt get off it and back to my call. The agent didnt call back. Im now back in queue. This has taken most of my working morning up. I dont know where to turn next. Is there an ombudsman for tax?