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  • Interest income from offshore branch of a UK bank

    I am NOT a UK resident and would like to clarify whether interest income from deposits placed with an offshore branch of a UK bank (in my case, Jersey Branch of HSBC Bank plc) would be regarded as having a UK source? Would it be subject to UK income tax? Thanks
  • Allowances available to non-UK residents

    I am a non-UK resident. As I do not meet any of the conditions set out in note 3 to Guidance notes for Form R43 (2022), I would not be entitled to the tax allowances available to UK residents. Does it exclude me from all allowances or just the Personal Allowance (£12,570 for 2022-23)? Will the first £5,000 of my interest income enjoy the starting rate for savings income as other UK-residents? Will I be entitled to any of the interest allowance of £1,000 (for basic-rate payer) or £500 (for higher-rate payer), dividend allowance of £2,000 and Capital Gain tax-free allowance (£12,300 for 2022-23)? Thank you for your clarification.