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  • RE: CWF1 form waiting times

    Thank you!
  • CWF1 form waiting times

    Hi. While filling out my tax return, I noticed that I don't seem to be registered for self-employment, so the amount of National Insurance owed is £0.00 (which is definitely wrong). I registered as self-employed in order to complete the return for 2021-2022, and everything was fine. I'm not sure why I wasn't still registered for 2022-2023, but I re-registered by filling out form CWF1 online over two weeks ago. So far, nothing has been updated. How long does it usually take to process these forms? I'm just wondering if I need to be patient for a while longer or if I should be trying to contact someone to find out what the problem is. Thank you.
  • RE: Foreign Income?

    That's really helpful. Thank you!
  • Foreign Income?

    Hi. I'm a UK national living in the UK. I work on a freelance basis through an agency based in the US, but I work from home in the UK. I get paid in GBP into my UK bank account, and I do not pay US tax (so I have no need to make a claim in that regard). Does this get reported under foreign income or just the normal self-employment income section? I also self-publish ebooks. Most stores pay royalties in GBP to my bank account, but one pays me in USD to my Paypal account. Again, no taxes are paid in other countries. Is any of this counted as foreign income that needs to be declared separately from normal self-employment income? I just want to make sure I'm filling in the correct sections. Thank you for your help!