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  • RE: Customs Authorisation Number

    Thank you Customs oldtimer - How do you check that the exporter is authorised? Is there any way the Customs Autorisation number can be checked?
  • Customs Authorisation Number

    What is a Customs Authorisation Number? (relating to preference claims on UK imports from country's with a FTA/GSP)
  • RE: Rex Number - Country of Origin

    Hi Customs oldtimer - I found this this morning which clears up any confusion (I think) : For All Declaration Categories: For imports originating from EU Member States, where the individual Member State is unknown, it is acceptable to enter any Member State involved in the production of the goods. The Member State may be identified through the accompanying commercial documentation or the Registered Exporter system (REX) code on a ‘statement on origin’. Please note, this only applies to entries on UK custom declarations: the origin stated on the proof of origin must be at the group of country level. For example, a ‘statement on origin’ made out under the UK-EU Trade Cooperation Agreement should be completed in accordance with Annex 7 of that agreement and refer to ‘the Union’ as the preferential origin of the goods.
  • RE: Rex Number - Country of Origin

    Thanks - I will take a look :)
  • RE: Rex Number - Country of Origin

    Thanks Customs Oldtimer. I agree with everything you are saying. I have had it put to me that the COO is not required on an invoice and that the REX initials are sufficient from a customs entry point of view. I am just looking for guidance to support that this is or is not correct, but as you say, the responsibility is on the importer to support this as their claim for preference. I was also unaware of this so thankyou - " in the absence of specific country of origin the EU country of origin could be the one that issued the REX could be used". I can see that the REX system can be used by producers or traders which leads me to believe that the first 2 initials of the REX will, in some cases, not relate to the COO at all - which then contradicts the ability to use the first 2 inititals as the COO.
  • RE: Rex Number - Country of Origin

    Yes thank you - I am aware of this. If a REX number is not sufficient to prove origin (First 2 letters) then please direct me to the guidance that shows that an actual country of origin is required to be stated, thank you
  • RE: Rex Number - Country of Origin

    Thanks Customs oldtimer........ I am in agreement with what you have said. However, if someone (and importer or carrier) were to suggest that the REX number were indeed sufficient to show country of origin when questioned, which guidance could I direct them / me to?
  • Rex Number - Country of Origin

    Are the first 2 initials from a REX Number sufficient to show that's the country of origin?