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  • RE: Tax Relief as a Self Employed Leaflet Distributor

    Okay, thanks for clarifying the A or B situation on car costs. Can you clarify on the Mileage please. I am working for 1 company only (at this stage) and I have to go there a couple of times a week max. to collect stock and details of locations to distribute the clients' leaflets. Can I claim the mileage for 'going to this office to get my stock' AND 'the mileage associated with each delivery location'? Thanks
  • RE: Tax Relief as a Self Employed Leaflet Distributor

    Thank you for your reply. Just to be clear ... I can claim the mileage for 'getting my stock [the leaflets] from the company I am working with' on top of the mileage going to and from each individual location? But I cannot claim the Lease cost as well? It is one or the other? As for the footwear .. I have already done 400,000 steps / 200 miles of walking this month. The footwear I have HAD to purchase is such that I can continue to do my work and not suffer long-term damage to my feet. If I cannot walk - I cannot work. Surely this is an allowable expense - just like a car getting to each location? Thanks in advance.
  • Tax Relief as a Self Employed Leaflet Distributor

    Grateful for confirmation on the following please: Q1: I have to travel to different locations for each 2-4 day delivery job I undertake. Can I claim the mileage to and from home? NB - the business I get my “stock” from is at a fixed location and I class this as “normal place of work” and do not intend to claim expenses for travel to this place. Alternatively, do I claim back part of my Car Lease monthly payments for the days I have used the vehicle for work? E.g. in Jan2022 there are 31 days, or which I have used the car exclusively for work travel on 22 of them. Would I claim 22/31 parts of the (say) £400 p/m Lease cost (inclusive of the VAT)? Q2: As the job is 100% walking I have purchased new footwear. I assume I can claim this back too - as the item is only used for work? Thanks in advance Tony