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  • RE: Loss in stock

    Thank you very much for the reply. According to the notes about capital gain tax, Fill in the ‘Capital Gains Tax summary’ pages if: · you sold or disposed of chargeable assets which were worth more than £49,200 · your chargeable gains before taking off any losses were more than £12,300 (‘annual exempt amount’) I sold less than £49,200 (I sold only £33000) stock and overall I lost money at the end. Do I need to declare about the selling of stock? Many thanks
  • RE: Is the foreign income for the holiday before the contract ends taxable in the UK?

    Thank you very much for the reply. Yes, the salary is for work actually carried out in Hong Kong. Since the salary transfer to my bank account while I was moved to UK. Should I need to declare in parts of tax return like "Any other information"?
  • Loss in stock

    I arrived UK at 2021. I am eligible to use split year treatment. I sold 10 US stocks in the tax year in the UK. Three of them gain money, Seven of them lose money. Overall I lose money. Should I need to declare them in the tax return? Thank you very much.
  • Pension from Hong Kong

    I immigrate from Hong Kong with a Lum sum of pension. According to the tax treaty with Hong Kong, the pension is not taxable in the UK. Do I need to fill in extra form to declare the pension to avoid to be taxable in the UK? Thank you very much.
  • Is the foreign income for the holiday before the contract ends taxable in the UK?

    I was a teacher from Hong Kong. I immigrate and arrived UK at 15 July, that is the start of the summer holiday. I still have the salary for July and August despite I quit the job and the contract ends at the end of August. I need not do anything about the school work after I arrived in the UK. Is the income, from 15 July to the end of August, taxable in the UK? I ask the question because I didn't work after 15, July. It is the salary for the holiday. If not taxable, then do I need to declare? Thank you very much.
  • RE: Split year and foreign income from employment

    Hi, I suppose to meet the requirement of split year treatment. I arrived from Hong Kong to UK at 15 July. I have annual leave from 15 July to 31 August. Then my contract ended in 31 August. I started a job in the UK from November. Should the salary from be taxed in the UK (it is taxed in HongKong already). And should I report my income from Hong Kong? Many thanks.