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  • RE: Exchange Fees

    Hi The Business Income manual does not seem to be relevant as the transaction relates to an individual tax payer not a tax payer who has a business. Nor do the loan relation ship rules apply as these only relate to companies. In any case the page which is linked to is referring to deductions where as in this case the tax payer is receiving the exchange fees so this is income or gain more likely the latter as one off transaction not linked to a coupon rate of the bond itself. Can you please direct me for something more appropriate in your manuals?
  • Exchange Fees

    Where a company offers an exchange fee for when a company wants an individual holders of it's loan stock to roll over into a new longer dated loan notes how is the exchange fee treated for tax . It is usually something like 1.5 per cent of the nominal amount held. I cannot find anything on this and the offer document is silent. Are the fees chargeable to capital gains tax as it arises from an investment which is tradeable? If not is it a tax free item. I am thinking It does not seem to be interest as it's a one of payment if taken up rather than annual interest on the stock itself which gets reported as interest on an individuals personal tax return.