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  • RE: Expenses for sole trader

  • Expenses for sole trader

    I am a sole trader and VAT registered and operate my business by working at home. My questions are: 1. Am I able to claim a certain ratio (say 25%) of the home expense, such as rent , utilities , service charge as my business expense in my tax return? 2. Am I able to reclaim the VAT portion of the above expense (such as 20%VAT of the service charges) , and if so, the ratio same as that in (1)?
  • RE: Registering as a sole trader

    Thank you
  • RE: Registering as a sole trader

    Hello HMRC Admin 8 , thank you for your reply. Does it mean that I should open a separate account for Self-Employed, in addition to my existing account for self assessment by using the same UTR?
  • RE: Registering as a sole trader

    Hello? Can someone answer this?
  • Registering as a sole trader

    For the last few years I have no UK income but oversea incomes so that I have been filing self assessment returns using my government gateway. Starting from the next year, I may expect some UK incomes as a self employed sole trader. Do I need to open a new account to register for sole tradership? I look through this web page and it says that I can register it through my existing business tax account However, when I log in my current account, I cannot find any button to add a sole tradership?