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  • RE: What travel expenses, if any, can a digital nomad claim?

    Thanks, is there a particular bit you think I should be looking at? I had seen that but don't see anything there which answers my question (unless your suggestion is that I can't claim anything at all because I'm working in those destinations so it's "home to work" travel - my understanding was that you can't claim for commuting to a main contractual base, here I'm talking about, for example, travel to a property or location to work as a house/petsitter.
  • RE: What travel expenses, if any, can a digital nomad claim?

    Sorry, I realise this belongs in the Expense forum more than here!
  • Self-employed cash basis IT expenses

    Hi, I think this comes out to about the same answer so I'm curious rather than it really mattering (I'll be close to the 1k and may just claim the 1k to keep life simple). I believe that in my situation, if I have purchased a device (laptop, phone, etc) I can fully account for it as an income tax expense, and if using it for dual purposes (work and personal) I should pro rata the cost based on the % used for work. In another bit of tax guidance I have also read that in some cases the maths can be that if, say, a £600 device would have been sufficient and my likely purchase for personal use (e-mails, documents, browsing) but my work (geospatial) required a £1000 device, I can instead of pro-rata, claim the "necessary improvement" and claim the £400. Does that apply in my case, theoretically? And if it does, do I have to treat all devices similarly, or if I have a laptop as above, and a phone where I'd have bought the same one either way, I can do the above on the laptop but the pro rata on the phone? As I say, probably theoretical!
  • What travel expenses, if any, can a digital nomad claim?

    Hi, If I have pretty much no fixed address for a period of time, and am working in a range of locations - moving around mainly by train - what travel expenses can I claim? Assume that none of the locations are a contractual base for an employed role, and all is self-employed contract work. 1) No travel expenses as I have no definitive "from" to justify them, I'm just travelling and that's on me 2) All travel expenses if the "to" destination is required for the purpose of work, rather than somewhere I happen to want to be to do work which could be done from anywhere 3) As above but with a cap of what the cost to get to the "to" destination would be if I travelled from whatever address I consider as my "main" residence for the year 4) Something else Thanks!