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  • Adjustment from tax return increased balancing payment?

    Hello, Last year, I made approximately £1,483 through self employment (I am no longer self employed). Minus the £1,000 tax free amount, I was advised I had a balancing payment of £129.20 to make on my £483 profit. I logged on today to see that an adjustment from my tax return had been made, and £204 has been added, meaning I now owe £333.20. HMRC has sent me no explanation to what this £204 is for. I don’t know what tax return they’re referring to? Would it be from my employer? Last year I underpaid tax and they reduced my tax free amount with my employer to collect this underpayment. They’ve also reduced my figure this year, yet I paid the underpayment back, and now they actually owe me tax from taking too much. And they’ve still adjusted my tax code this year and are taking more than they should. £333.20 seems extremely excessive for £483 of profit does it not? I can’t get a hold of anyone. I can’t find an email address, and every time I try to ring, I’m on hold for over half an hour and then it just cuts off. I don’t know what to do. I can’t afford to pay all this money back and they haven’t explained why it’s so high. Can anyone help please?