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  • RE: Saving Interest Income

    Hi, Thanks. My bad, I meant to say I am a resident in UK. However, I have arrived to UK October 2023, so since I have not spent 183 days in the tax year 22/23 or 23/24, I am not yet tax resident in UK yet. Could you reconsider my questions based on this facts. Additionally I greatly appriciate if you could tell me, how your answer tot he same questions will change once I become tax resident. Best Regards, Can
  • Saving Interest Income

    Hello, I am a resindent in Turkey. I have couple of questions: 1- About interest income from savings account in Turkey. The wording in Double Taxation Treaty is not clear. If I am to earn savings interest income is it subject to income tax %0 - %20 - %40 - %45 tax as usual and the Treaty does not provide a fix rate. Is my understanding correct? 2-About coupon payments from Eurobonds which is like an interest income paid every six months from holding Turkish Treasury Eurobonds. Is there an exemption or is it subject to %0 - %20 - %40 - %45 tax as usual? 3-Is a debt to be collected in Turkey through an Debt Enforcement Office from a third party arising from a debt arising years before residence considered an income? Probably not but just want to make sure. Thanks. Can