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  • RE: UK Tax on Australian Superannuation

    I am a UK citizen shortly able to access my Australian superannuation (around £100k). Am I correct in saying that if I take this in regular pension payments that they will be taxable in the UK provided they exceed my personal allowance? If I took the superannuation as a lump sum would it be taxed in the UK and if so would the first 25% be tax free? If so could I take the 25% tax free and then take the rest and pay UK tax at the appropriate level to my annual income?
  • Tax on Australian superannuation for UK resident

    Can you advise what rate the lump sum from my Australian superannuation will be taxed at bearing in mind that I will also get a lump sum from a UK pension scheme. Will both be tax free for the first 25%? I am a UK citizen and have been resident in the UK since 1998.