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  • VAT Exception application

    I had been informed by my accountant that that I needed to apply for a VAT exception as I temporarily crossed the VAT threshold (had a hobby income from ebay which is not being continued) My accountant was trusted to deal with this but hasn't, so I am applying for exception myself, can this only be done by post or can I do this via email using the email address for new registrations? Many thanks in advance
  • Flate Rate - VAT allowed on replacement engine?

    If I am on the flat rate scheme, am i able to reclaim input VAT on the cost of a new engine for my existing van? the cost is £2400 (inc vat) I am assuming that this is regarded as a capital expense rather than simply a repair.? Many thanks in advance
  • Marriage Allowance not showing on husband's SA tax calculation

    The marriage allowance is not showing on client's husband's self assessment tax calculation before submitting it was applied for successfully, it is showing his details on her return and has reduced her personal allowance accordingly. Can anyone help please? it was applied for on the 14th and an email was received to say was successful. Many thanks in advance
  • CIS deducted confirmation

    Can I obtain a detailed list of CIS payments made to HMRC on behalf of myself as a subcontractor? I have difficulty getting monthly statements from contractors and don't want to underclaim on EPS submissions, I was told I can only enter on an EPS what I have actually received CIS statements for, which is what I do, rather than based on my sales invoices. Who do I contact if this is possible? Thanks in advance
  • Self Assessment error message.

    All I am trying to do is explain why I have no student loan, which was paid in full, No matter how many words I type, 1 or 10, I get the same error message, saying I can only use alpha, numeric and various characters. Please can someone advise why the words 'Loan repaid in full.' causes this error to show? I can't see what I am doing wrong? arrggh!! Thanks in advance.
  • Student loan payment overstated on tax calculation

    My self assessment return is ready to file for 22-23 but it is stating that it is adding £2943 in student loan payments, at the year end my outstanding loan balance was only £814. I have tried calling the helpline repeatedly but I am unable to get through, is there a quick solution for me to amend this on my tax return? I am needing a quick resolution as require an SA302 for a mortgage, but didn't want to file and be forced to overpay then have to reclaim, Thanks in advance
  • CIS deducted?

    If I am doing a job for someone who is usually a contractor and deducts CIS from my invoice amounts, on this instance the contractor is the end user and I am working on his own premises, I realise the reverse charge isn't applicable and i charge VAT, but do they still deduct CIS from me? Is the general rule that if there is no reverse charge on the invoice , then there is no CIS deducted either? thanks in advance
  • VAT on barn conversion to business premises

    I have a client who has done building work for a customer within a building (old farm building) that has been converted into a showroom for their business (Fitted kitchens) and I was unsure what/if my client should charge Vat for their work? I can only find information on if was converted to a residential property, this is for commercial use only, it does not adjoin any existing property although sits on land belonging to the existing business. Thanks in advance