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  • RE: Bond coupon payment

    Hi there, I am going to work on my tax return. Would you please advise!
  • RE: Bond coupon payment

    Excuse me, will I get any response on this question soon? Thanks.
  • Foreign currency - USD/GBP

    Hi there I am an UK resident starting from 23/24 tax year. Before 5/4/2023 I had had some USD and I changed part of it to be GBP in October 2023 for expenses, savings and investment in UK. 1. Shall I take the (HMRC) exchange rate of USD/GBP in April 2023 against the actual rate I got in October 2023 to calculate the gains or loss? 2. Based on the purpose (expenses, savings and investment in UK), shall I report this gains or loss? 3. If I shall report this, where shall I put this figure in the tax return? Thanks.
  • Foreign income - Gift from my parent (non-UK resident)

    Hi there I am a tax resident in UK starting from 23/24. My mother (non-UK resident) and I have had a joint bank account in overseas and we transferred some money out to one of my personal bank account in Feb 2024. Shall I report “half of this transferred amount” as gift from my mother in the 23/24 tax return? If yes, may I put this amount in box 46 of SA106 Other overseas income and gains? Lastly, is this money non-taxable as my mother is not an UK resident? Thanks.
  • Savings interest and cash dividend

    Hi there, "Savings interest" If the savings interest (6/3/24 to 5/4/24) is put into to my bank account on 6/4/24. This savings interest would be reported in 23/24 tax year or the year after? "Cash dividend" If the ex-dividend date is 31/3/24 and I get the cash dividend (money) on 15/4/24 in my account. This cash dividend would be reported in 23/24 tax year or the year after?
  • Bond coupon payment

    Hi there, I have some US corporate bond which maturity is in 2026 which bond coupon payment dates are 15th Mar and 15th Dec in a year. Shall I calculate the payment from16/3/23 to 5/4/24 (by proportion) as income in 23/24 tax year even though I haven’t got the actual payment yet?