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  • RE: Fellowship grant/stipend at university

    Hi, thank you very much for responding to my enquiry. Would it be possible to clarify what the term "no office or employment" means with regards to the fellowship grant awarded to me? Under my agreement with the university, it states the following terms: "this Agreement is not intended to be a contract of employment, and you will not be an employee or worker of the University during your Fellowship. The University is not obliged to provide you with any work." And I will "Not be expected to work any set hours" If this is the case, does that mean that the grant is not considered "earnings from an office or employment"? Kind Regards
  • Paying tax on fellowship stipend/grant received from charity

    Hi, I have been undertaking a fellowship at a university this year located away from home. I have received a stipend/grant from a charity which is paid via the university. I have read information that grants or stipends are not taxable but do I need to include this money as part of my Self-Assessment? The money was used to take part in the fellowship purchasing resources, accommodation, food, travel and living costs. Thanks
  • Fellowship grant/stipend at university

    Hi, I am currently undertaking a fellowship at a university and I am paid a grant/stipend to cover living costs, accommodation, travel and materials etc. Do I need to include this as income in a self-assessment?