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  • LTD and self-employed

    I have a dormant LTD and I am still registered as self-employed to the HMRC. Although I am no more earning as self-employed, I still have expenses for my business (BTW, the nature of the two businesses is similar). Does law requires me to de-register as self-employed before or when my LTD starts trading or becomes active for other reasons? And if I do not earn anything as self-employed, or just earn less than 1000£ on this financial year, would I still need to file a S.A. tax return? Thanks.
  • LTD and bank account

    I would need help with the following. Perhaps not all of these questions are relevant to the HMRC, though. If so, please accept my apologise and advise on whom I should ask. Thanks. 1) Does opening a bank account for my LTD (which currently is dormant) cause it to become active and/or trading for: - the HMRC - the Companies House? 2) I have read that to open a bank account for an LTD, among other paperworks, one has to show the following: - My ID and proof of address - Proof of the registered business address - An original copy of your Certificate of Incorporation (printed on the correct paper) for limited companies - Certificate of Incorporation, plus tax and VAT registration details - Details of signatories on the account. I would need to know what counts as proof of the registered business address for a dormant company. Which of the following would work? - a letter from the HMRC - a letter from the Companies House - advertising from banks about business bank accounts or from filing service providers I would not prefer to use the first two, however, since they contain sensitive data. And must it be the original or a digital scan is fine? Also, regarding tax and VAT registration, what is it? When I opened my LTD company (and kept it dormant) no tax and VAT registration was made as far as I know. Then, speaking of "an original copy of your Certificate of Incorporation (printed on the correct paper) for limited companies", I only have been provided with a digital certificate. BTW, what does it mean "printed on the correct paper"? Finally, what details of signatories on the account are needed? 3) Is "trading account" the same as "annual account"? Thanks for any help.
  • RE: LTD pre-trading expenditure for advertising

    Many thanks! >Pre trading expenditure such as advertising >can be reclaimed in the first accounts produced >by the company Does that apply only if I pay for publicity using the LTD bank account, or can I use my personal bank account for that same purpose and then pass such expenses onto the LTD somehow?
  • RE: As self-employed selling equipment to my LTD

    Many thanks for that. And is the sale process as a self-employed as simple as making an invoice to my LTD? Then should I file a S.A. tax return as self-employed for that tax year, even if I have not got any income apart from that?
  • As self-employed selling equipment to my LTD

    Currently, I am self-employed and have a dormant LTD that I want to make active soon. Within the last 2-3 years I have bought equiment that was necessary for my job. However, once I make my LTD active, that equipment will still be needed for the new business. I have heard that I can sell the equipment I bought as self-employed to my LTD when it starts earning money, so that I can have advantage of such expenditure. What are the benefits in particular? What is the correct procedure I should follow to sell the equiment to my LTD?
  • LTD pre-trading expenditure for advertising

    Currently, I am self-employed. However, I also have a dormant LTD and need to understand how it works when it becomes active. Does advertising my dormant LTD cause it to become active both for the HMRC and Companieshouse? Is that so even if I pay for such publicity from my personal bank account instead of the LTD's one? And if so, are there any new practices to do apart from the Annual Account and Confirmation Statement? And do these stay the same as when the LTD was dormant, or do they become more difficult and complex to file by myself without the help of an accountant? In other words, how difficult is accountancy if done on my own for my LTD when this is active but not earning or spending? However, I have heard about pre-trading expenditure. How can I benefit from this arrangement? Sorry if some of those questions sound like coming from one with no experience in this field. But that's just how it is. Thanks in advance for any help.