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  • RE: Emergency tax refund on pension withdrawal

    HI thanks for your reply but this issue is nothing to do with non UK pensions. It is a really simple refund of in year tax based on a month 1 or emergency tax levied on a uk pension flexible access payment. The pension provider didn’t have a correct tax code from HMRC at the time as it was my first withdrawal. I suppose I am asking why the actual P45 was requested when the correct online form has been filled in with the figures from the P45 and HMRC have subsequently issued a updated tax code to the pension provider.
  • Emergency tax refund on pension withdrawal

    I have been waiting over 4 months for a in year refund. Online form was correctly completed and after chasing up over phone was eventually sent a letter asking for a copy of p45 even though all the figures from the P45 were included in the form in first place (P53Z ). I have now sent P45 by letter and I can see that it has arrived on the check progress screen of my personal tax account. I need the money as it is over 7K and it seems ridiculous to request a P45 from me especially as the pension company has already sent the withdrawal details to HMRC and my current tax estimate for 22/23 correctly shows that I have paid too much tax. Why make the whole process so slow ?