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  • How long to process paper partnership return?

    Hi. I submitted our first partnership tax return on paper and it's showing as received on 18 July. We made under £2k in the year so I really can't justify paying out for software. I just wondered how long it was likely to take to process the return - and will I be contacted when it's done or do I just have to keep checking? Thanks
  • Showing partnership income on individual return

    Hi. I'm in a partnership with my 17 yr old child. Last year we made about £3.5k (£1.6k after allowable deductions). I've completed the partnership tax return (for posting unfortunately) and am now trying to do my personal one. I was employed until December 2022. I didn't actually draw down any money from the partnership last year, but my share of total profits would be £860. I'm not clear what info I need to put where on the self assessment form. "Was your turnover more than £1,000 in total from all self-employments?" As a business we earned more than £1k, but as an individual I didn't. I either earned £860 or £0. I'm not clear at all which of those figures is the right one to use.