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  • value of estate changed after probate but still under threshold

    having applied for probate for a small estate (100k) which is under the IHT threshold, I belatedly uncovered a gift that was made within 7 years. this changes the value of the estate (125k) but it is still well under the IHT threshold and no IHT is due. It does however affect the amount of unused nil rate band that is potentially transferable. I can easily change the amount of transfer of unused nil rate band requested on IHT402 (from 225 to 200 to transfer) but should I also change the probate (which has now been granted) and how do I do this? the estate should have been registered as 125 for the grant of probate not 100, but this gift only came to light by chance at a later date. thank you
  • inheritance tax form IHT436 unused residence nil rate band

    this form asks for "Inheritance Tax reference number for spouse or civil partner’s estate" but the spouse in my case left a small estate (less than 100k) which did not incur any inheritance tax and therefore no IHT400 form was completed and no IHT number was ever applied for or given. So how do we fill in this box?
  • gift from sole account but from joint money, and IHT

    my married parents jointly gave money to a relative, but the actual transaction was processed through a sole account. They were very clear it was a joint gift to help out a relative. For IHT can the tax 'liability' of the gift be split 50/50 against each of them as far as they were concerned it was their shared money. or because it was processed through a sole bank account will it be seen as only from one of them.