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  • Self Assessment for Partnership Tax Return

    I set up a partnership with my friend to operate a tuition centre on 1/2/2022. From 1/2/2022 to 5/4/2022, there was no business in the centre, i.e. no income. While I believed I should have the obligation to tell HMRC about the partnership, I registered the partnership on 11-Oct-2022. I saw the message under my the business tax account that I don't need to submit anything and another message showing that HMRC will contact me if it requires anything from me, so I have not submitted the Partnership tax return for the year 2021-2022 and I did not know I should do that. On 14 Feb, 2023 I received a penalty notice titled "Your partnership tax return is late". I then paid the £100 penalty and at the same time submit an appeal. I tried to find a way to submit the partnership tax return form. While using digital way to submit it online require complicated process like acquiring an activation code, I submitted a paper form through standard royal mail post to HMRC office (postcode: BX9 1AS) on 6-March-2023. Until now 19-April-2023 I still have not received any feedback. I have tried to contact HMRC through the phone several time but the line is always busy and the robot in the line said "sorry, we cannot provide support to you now, please call us later". I have no way to ask for support as everything the message is the same. What I really want to do is to tell HMRC that there is 'Zero' income in that partnership. Now I am frustrated about what I still need to do and wanting to know if HMRC has received my paper form Partnership Tax return. I am very worried about getting another message about penalty in case HMRC said it does not receive my paper form. Any advice is highly appreciated.
  • Split Year Treatment and franchise partnership

    Hi, I came to the UK in June, 2021 which was the first time I came to this country ever. In April and May, 2021 I had my wages outside the UK. From June, to 5 April, 2022, I only had income less than £1000. I meet the criteria for split year treatment in case 4. In February, 2022, I started a business (as a franchisee) with a partner. The business's gain is negative until now. Under the above two situations, I would like to (1) apply split year treatment (2) register the partnership even though there is no income generated so far. Please advise what forms I should submit. Can I do this all online or should I use paper forms? Thank you very much. Wai