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  • Employee working out of Northern Ireland

    Hi, One of our staff members working for an England based company (With employee on paye) has recently started to work from home. In his case, his home is now Northern Ireland. How do we need to report this in Payroll? (I know Wales and Scotland have differing tax codes for a start and the PAYE settlement agreement requires separate forms for them, but not Northern Ireland). If nothing else, his address will be updated in the FPS file but is there anything else I need to look at please? Thanks
  • RE: Company Light Cargo Vehicle treatment on P11D

    Thanks :)
  • Company Light Cargo Vehicle treatment on P11D

    One of our employees has recently had a lease taken on a company vehicle for himself and the company will be paying and including on the p11ds for the 21/22 period. Looking at EIM23150, it's a doublecab pickup with payload of over 1000kg so should be treated as a van. As it is only for use by one person, the current scheme seems to be that we report a standard value of £3500 and fuel of £669. The employee seems to think he will be taxed on 40% of this (being a 40% tax bracket person). Is this correct or is he charged in full as that's the standard value for Vans? Thanks
  • RE: PVA Transaction Queries

    With regards point 2, for us, rather than put any corrections on the next PVA, they've been updating the PVA statement that it relates to - at least for me. As an example, the last one of mine for the period running to 31st January was last updated 7th April and there were changes on it from the one re-run in March and April. February's was also changed in April. I'm waiting to see if there have been any updates this month (For me, all the items do seem to be for the same Group VAT Registration number - but different EORI's so overall, the totals seem to work out, just not quite in the right subsections)
  • RE: New Starter and Checklist

    Never mind - Thought about it and the payroll will probably have run for April so employee left on the 5th but would normally have been paid for all of april and information filed with hmrc after the 6th
  • New Starter and Checklist

    Hi, I think this should go under PAYE rather than taking on employees We have a new starter as of week commencing 26th April and have received their P45. According to that, they left their last job on the 5th April 2021 (so previous tax year) and their tax code does not include BR 0T D0 or D1. According to the new starter check list, if the tax code ends in L, I should just use that and starter declaration B. Where things have been complicated a little is that the new employees P45 has them leaving last tax year but in box 7 has her with earning in month 1 (I assume of this tax year if they only left their previous employment on 5th April 2021 and the total pay to date is too small to be a 20/21 salary and would probably have month 12 in box 7?) Therefore my question is, should I include their total pay to date in this year? The amount is relatively tiny and given that this job is part time so total for the year (Even with that brought forward) should not effect the amount of tax paid unless their tax code changes drastically.
  • RE: PAYE deduction 50%

    I'm not from HMRC, but I use this site to check all the calculations that come out of our software (just in case) (Might need refreshing though) To me, going off figures provided, it looks like they have taken the regulatory limit rather than tax due?
  • Postponed Vat Reporting Reports (Updated versions received April 2021)

    We've received the updated Monthly Postponed Import VAT statements but they differ from what we'd hope/expect. Our issue seems to be that the freight companies just won't put the right EORI in (Ours being a Group Vat return where the EORI only changes the last three digits), even if the correct EORI is shown on the freight invoice. Is our best option to contact the freight company and try to get them to update what they report to HMRC or is it already too late when we receive the postponed vat return (or even the MSS data as for both import and export, they tend to default to our company rather than the sub companies)