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  • RE: Reporting of Interest re Personal Savings Allowance

    Excellent. Thanks.
  • Reporting of Interest re Personal Savings Allowance

    Hi, I'm on PAYE and don't usually have any odd/special entries on my tax account. However, for the tax year 2022/23, it's possible that I may go over my personal savings allowance. Do the banks report this or do we enter it manually on our tax account via the government gateway? If we enter it ourselves, do you enter the total interest earned or only the amount over your personal savings account? Part of the reason I ask is that while one of my accounts may generate interest statements, the other doesn't seem to and just transfers the interest monthly to my main bank Thanks
  • RE: Disallow Use of Postponed Vat Account/EORI

    Thanks. (With the cancellation of the EORI, I thought one of my colleagues had done it as the company in question was successfully removed from the vat group a long time before I started on the vat/freight side of things) Thanks
  • RE: Disallow Use of Postponed Vat Account/EORI

    Another point is that we have had an answer from one of the couriers who, according to the August PVA statement, used our EORI. They say they haven't used our EORI and do not recognize any of the details on the PVA statement. They think another agent may have used their TURN.
  • RE: Disallow Use of Postponed Vat Account/EORI

    Ok, thanks. If the freight forwarders continue to ignore and/or correct, is there an escalation procedure? (Second question, is it possible to close an EORI - The reason I ask is that one of the extensions has apparently been used by a freight company, though that company has been removed from the VAT group as they closed several years ago. That's just popped up on the MSS Imports sheet we received today) Thanks
  • RE: Disallow Use of Postponed Vat Account/EORI

    I'd like to stop freight forwarders using our Postponed Vat account. Our EORI is the header account (000) for a group of companies who each have their own eori. As we don't import anything under 000, we should never see any transactions for ourselves on the PVA or C79 Unfortunately, some of the people sending the goods quote only the vat number or the wrong eori number. We've told the senders and the couriers not to use 000 but with no effect. Thanks
  • Disallow Use of Postponed Vat Account/EORI

    Hi, Is there a way to disallow use of our Postponed Vat Account and/or EORI number? I have control of the header account, but numerous freight forwarders seem to be quoting the VAT number only (not the full eori) so our C79, CDS and CHIEF statements are listing items that should should be under another EORI. Sometimes, more recently, the VAT number used is also completely wrong. I have tried to get in touch with the couriers to correct, but have not had much success with most of them. (Some have been very helpful) Thanks
  • Training Costs - ex employee

    Hi, We have been asked if we can pay for a training course for a former employee (They left 10 months ago in the 2021/2022 tax year). The amount is expected to be between £5000 and £8000. I was wondering what tax/ni implications might be involved please