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  • RE: PAYE submitted on RTI not seen on HMRC system

    We've had something similar a couple of months back. Without going into too much detail, the EPS was recorded correctly by HMRC but the FPS only agreed in certain respects (Others - they reckon they owed us a credit on). Having spoken to the helpline, they've passed to the required team (They mentioned 18 months at the time) but recommended that we keep on paying what we think we owe rather than what shows on the website as when it is corrected, we'd be charged late interest.
  • PSA Submission - Notification of charge and Notice to pay

    Hi, We submitted two PAYE Settlement agreements (England and Wales) on 25th May. We've received the notification of charge and notice to pay for the England one at the end of June, but not for the Welsh one (Which is slightly larger, but still only in the hundreds). Do you know if there is a delay please? (I just want to have thre right payment reference when the time comes) Thanks
  • Temporary Reinstatement of leaver

    Hi, One of our employees has left the company, received the final payments and p45 (and on the FPS, leaving date properly applied). There is now a fair chance that he will be returning to the company for a month or so. Should we treat him as a new employee (and issue a p45 when he does leave) or treat him as an old employee and all payments as an after leaving cost? When he left, he was also on an M1 tax code. - I can use the calculator to get his tax code if he's being treated as a new employee, but assume it's the usual code if it's after leaver
  • RE: Email address for PAYE

    Well, I managed to get the previous ones sorted, but it now appears as though I will have to call HMRC every month as you are again showing unallocated payments on our account. From our bank statement, the payment references are clearly specified (and now in five different places on the payment) but it appears as though HMRC cannot see them. I know that this will affect at least four, probably five payments I've made (though in theory three come from a different bank account, but I have no access to see their paye account, so cannot confirm their status)
  • RE: Email address for PAYE

    Our latest (actually PAYE rather than other) payment has now not been recognized despite us entering the PAYE reference number in the same place we have for every payment for as long as I've been doing payroll. I've got that fixed, but I think I need to send HMRC a complete list of the payments made so that it's all fully matched up. I'd hope this wouldn't apply to direct debit, but for the moment, I'd prefer to by by CHAPS, at least until the account is corrected in full. Can I please have an email to send the backup for the misallocated payments?
  • Email address for PAYE

    Hi, Is there an email address to contact the PAYE department of HMRC please? The reason I ask is because I have seen multiple payments placed against our PAYE account that do not relate to PAYE. Each payment we have made has been by CHAPS and has the reference number that is relevant to the payment attached, though for some reason, when the payment is received, it's not being picked up. I've managed to fix a couple, but with the average time needed to get through and to fix it, thought it might be more efficient to be able to send a list via email with a copy of all the bank documentation attached. (I know it can't be done via the forum due to personal information and appropriate access) Thanks
  • Redundancy - Class 1a NIC

    I've received the below from HMRC "Legislation, introduced from 6 April 2020 confirmed that a termination payment in excess of the £30,000 exemption for tax, now attracts a Class 1A NIC liability at 13.8% on the balance above £30,000. Your RTI submissions indicate that you made tax free payment(s) of £30,000 or more but did not return any Class 1A NICs due if those payments were indeed Termination payments." Fair enough, but our records show that we made redundancy payments of exactly 30k so if I'm reading it correctly, class 1a NIC of 13.8% should be on any of the costs over 30k and therefore the payments we made would not attract Class 1A? (Any other payments we may have made in that period were treated as taxable/NI'able on the FPS) Is my interpretation correct that the 30k does not attract Class 1a NIC