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  • RE: UTR and Online filing of Self-Assessment Tax Return

    Thanks for your reply. I am a UK tax resident and non-domiciled in UK who qualify to split year arrangement as well. I worked for a overseas company who paid my salary to my overseas bank account since July 2021. Pls advise if I can submit my self assessment (SA100); foreign income (SA106) and claiming remittance basis (SA109) via online or I have to submit the paper forms instead.
  • UTR and Online filing of Self-Assessment Tax Return

    I have registered the tax account in HMRC and got my government gateway ID to login my account. However, I can't find my UTR and any online tax form to submit my self-assessment to HMRC. Please advise how to get the UTR and the submit the online tax return. TIA
  • Reporting of Foreign Income and obligations in NI

    Hi, I am working for a non-UK company as full time employee by contract. The company pays me net salary after deducting the pension fund (in overseas territory) to my overseas bank account. I am a non-domiciled resident and moved to UK since July 2021. I will not bring in my foreign income to UK and will claim remittance basis as my tax treatment. May I know if I shall submit "Self Assessment SA109" and "SA100" for my foreign income for 2021/22 by the end of 31 Oct 2022 or 3 months after notice to complete the tax return (whichever later) only? Then, No monthly reporting of the foreign income is required. Is it correct? My overseas employer is not registered company or branch or office in UK, it has not registered PAYE employer and National Insurance (NI) contributor. Do I need to pay NI for my foreign income? Regards, CS