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  • RE: Submission of Self Assessment (Forms and Address)

    Hi Admin, I sent my paper returns SA100; SA102; SA106 and SA109 for 2021/22 by post and got the acknowledge receipt of the post on 21/9 from post office tracking system. However, I can't find any filing record of my previous yr's (2021/22) tax return in my personal tax account, 2021/22 is the first tax year to me. It indicates that "You haven't filed any returns for previous years". in the section of "Self Assessment-Previously Filed Returns". May I know how can i confirm my successful filing of the self-assessment returns for 2021/22? Regards, CSL
  • RE: Submission of Self Assessment (Forms and Address)

    Hi MMRC Admin, Thanks for your reply. As I don't have any income (letting/gain on disposal) from land and property in UK/EEA/elsewhere, I am not going to report any income from land and property abroad in SA106 F4 and F5 Foreign income. I have 2 more questions about filing of SA105: Self Assessment UK Property. Pls advise. i) Do I need to submit SA105 if I don't have any income (letting/gain on disposal) from land and property in UK/EEA/elsewhere? ii) Shall I make note of "No property income for letting/gain on disposal of land and property in UK/EEA/elsewhere in 2021/22" in box 19 of SA100 and box 40 of SA109? Regards, CSL
  • Submission of Self Assessment (Forms and Address)

    Hi, I immigrated to UK since July 2021 and had not been UK before. I worked remotely for an overseas company which paid the salary to my overseas bank account since I immigrated to UK. I had not moved my salary; overseas bank interest and dividend to UK. In my case, I believe that split year treatment and remittance basis are applicable to me and I would like to claim remittance basis for my foreign income. As I understanding, I have to file below 4 forms for my self-assessment 2021/22 1. SA100 Self Assessment; 2. SA102 Employment; 3. SA106 Self-Assessment and 4. SA109 Residence, remittance basic (self-assessment) I don't want to use the commercial software to file SA106 and SA109. Please advise: 1. if there is any other forms I have to file 2. Can I file SA100 Self Assessment tax return online and send the paper forms of SA102; SA106 and SA109 to HMRC to complete the tax reporting for 2021/22? or I shall file all returns (SA100;SA102; SA106 and SA109) by paper form if I don't want to file SA106 and SA109 by commercial software. 3. Is below the postal address of HMRC for submission of self-assessment? Self Assessment HM Revenue and Customs BX9 1AS United Kingdom 4. Is Midnight 31 October 2022 the deadline for filing the self-assessment 2021/22? 5. How can I confirm if HMRC receive my paper forms by post? Thanks for your kindly attention and looking forward to your promptly reply shortly. Regards, CSL
  • RE: UTR and Online filing of Self-Assessment Tax Return

    Thanks for your reply. I am a UK tax resident and non-domiciled in UK who qualify to split year arrangement as well. I worked for a overseas company who paid my salary to my overseas bank account since July 2021. Pls advise if I can submit my self assessment (SA100); foreign income (SA106) and claiming remittance basis (SA109) via online or I have to submit the paper forms instead.
  • UTR and Online filing of Self-Assessment Tax Return

    I have registered the tax account in HMRC and got my government gateway ID to login my account. However, I can't find my UTR and any online tax form to submit my self-assessment to HMRC. Please advise how to get the UTR and the submit the online tax return. TIA