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  • RE: Professional organisations

    Hi Thanks for the reply. I have a follow up question. Do I need to ask for a tax receipt from HCPC in order to claim back tax? Or just the confirmation of any online payment is enough?
  • RE: Professional organisations

    Hi I fit the description of a split-year treatment in the tax year 2023-2024. Prior to starting my full-time job as a UK resident, I renewed my HCPC registration while I was residing in another country as a non-UK resident. I wonder if I could claim back tax on the said fee. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  • RE: Oversea "single-premium" 5 years life savings insurance policy

    hi I came across this thread and wanted to get more information for the mention of "If the gain is more than £10,000.00, you will need to declare the gain in a Self Assessment Tax return." and "If the gain is less, you will need to send the certificate to HM Revenue and Customs." Thanks in advance
  • foreign life insurance (change of policyholder)

    hi My father (non-UK resident) bought a foreign life insurance for me when I was a minor. He's still the policyholder while I am the insured. Now that I will become a UK resident when I start my full time job in 2024, I wonder if he can transfer the policy to me and make me the policyholder without any tax implications. My follow up question is whether the 5% withdrawal rule can only apply to policies with single premiums. thanks in advance for your help
  • RE: Transfer from mixed fund under arising basis

    Hi I will be a first time UK resident when I start my full time job in the UK in early 2024. If I choose to tax my foreign income/gains on an arising basis with a split-year treatment, does it matter if my foreign accounts consist of mixed fund? and do I need to separate the income/gains from savings in foreign bank accounts to create a "clean capital"? Am I correct to assume that both the concepts of a mixed fund and a clean capital are only applicable in cases relying on a remittance basis? Thanks in advance for your reply