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  • Registration for Self Assessment - Overseas

    Hi, I am living in New Zealand and have income in the UK that I need to declare in a self assessment. I have applied to register for self assessment, but the application keeps getting rejected saying the the address on the application form does not make the records that HMRC have. I have checked and they are identical save that the information for my profile has no postcode (there is no option to insert one) and the application asks (and insists on) a postcode. The address (on both my records and the form) is in New Zealand, which is where I live. The application form says that you can register with an overseas address, but it just keeps getting rejected. As mentioned above, the only difference between the addresses is a postcode. There is no option to include a postcode on my records through the HMRC app, presumably because it is an overseas address. Do I have to apply using the physical form instead? If so, come on HMRC, pull yourself into the 21st century. Thanks.
  • RE: Non Resident Interest Income. Self Assessment required?

    So just to be sure, the £10k figure doesn't apply where you are a non-resident and a self assessment tax return is required? Please confirm. I am a British citizen, so I will have a personal allowance, so I don't think I'll actually pay any tax. Thank you.
  • Non Resident Interest Income. Self Assessment required?

    I am living and working in New Zealand and informed HMRC that I left the UK and so non resident for tax purposes. I still have savings in the UK, and so in this current tax year I have earned just over £9000 in interest payments. I expected to have to submit a self assessment tax return, but when I went through the decision making tool, it said that because the interest was less than £10000, I did not have to submit a tax return. Is that correct? I have no other income in the UK, just the interest. Many thanks.