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  • Foreign Income

    Hi, if I have savings accounts in another country, in that country's currency, say X, and if, even with the interest rate, the pound sterling equivalent of money decreases (because of country's inflation and exchange rates), do I pay tax on this and how do I report this in self-assessment form? Example: If I have 20000 X equivalent to 10000 GBP, and the saving account yields 1000 X, which sums up to 21000 X at the end of the tax year; but the resulting amount is equivalent to 9000 GBP, do I need to pay tax on 1000 X earned?
  • RE: Employer refuses to correct P60 and re-issue

    What happens if the tax code in P60 is different because the new employer didn't account for the previous income? Does HMRC adjust it in the next years and we aren't in an obligation?