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  • RE: Rental income from foreign properties

    Thanks for the reply. You mentioned that "If you remit this income to the UK, you will need to declare it on your tax return..." Does this mean that if I don't remit the rental income from Japanese properties, I do not need to declare that income in the UK and no income tax will be incurred in the UK?
  • Rental income from foreign properties

    hi I became a UK tax resident in the tax year 2021/22. I have an employment for a Hong Kong-domiciled company (the company generates its revenue solely outside the UK). I own a few properties in Japan for investment which I pay property tax in the country. I have filed my tax return for 2021/22 in the UK on remittance basis through self assessment. I note that the rental income from the Japanese properties are taxed in the UK. While I cannot remit my salary to the UK, I wonder if I can remit the rental income from the Japanese properties to the UK without any further tax implication. Thanks in advance.
  • Repayment of director loan to the company

    I set up a company which then acquired several properties in 2020 and 2021. I lent the capital to the company to purchase the properties and recorded the borrowing as director's loan. I charge no interest on the director's loan. Now the company is generating income from rent, and I plan to retrieve some money from the company. If the company repays me the loan, would there be any tax implication for the company or me of this action? Thanks