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  • RE: Joint savings account split & tax calculations

    My name was added to a savings account hitherto just in my wife’s name in October. Does the 50% split of the interest relate to that accrued for the whole tax year of from the date when my name was added thus making it a joint account.
  • RE: Dividend tax from overseas

    I am now receiving Dividends from RSUs that have vested into common stock; awarded over a period of time as part of my remuneration package from the UK subsidiary of a US listed company. These dividends are awarded quarterly and taxed at 15% in the US, with the net proceeds being held by the US brokers in a named account When notifying HMRC of the dividends earned in the Foreign Income section does should this be on an annual basis i.e. in the UK tax year they were received (using the relevant exchange rate for each quarter) whilst they are still held in the US broker’s account? Or declare the income if/when the net proceeds of the dividend are transferred to the UK
  • RE: Gift money and tax

    Reference post by Vin Chan I also have gifted my wife some cash from my savings, whilst I understand that the gift itself is tax freemmy concern is that this will obviously reduce my tax on the interest of the remainder of my savings as I am a higher rate tax payer. My wife would then in effect benefit from the interest of the gift as my wife does not have any other income. Would this been perceived as avoidance and be penalised by HMRC
  • Interest on savings

    Can I transfer some of my tax free pension lump sum into my wife’s savings accounts to make use of her personal allowance on the interest. If so is there a limit on the amount of interest she can earn? Currently has no other income other than carers allowance at current rate Also can that interest be used to pay for household bills and general expenditure