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  • RE: I cannot see my tax return online.

    I submitted my tax return in December last year and also recieved a HR mark reciept, yet they the site says they haven't recieved it. It's down to an error their end and they have acknowledged this, but I'm still waiting and have to just ignore the penalty letters and wait until they manually work through the massive pile of issues their end. It's not great. I would either speak on the phone or keep asking to speak to a person on the chat bot until it puts you through to a real human. I find the wait times ok if you log in the moment they open at 8am.
  • RE: Self assessment ''not captured''

    Hello, I would like to add them I'm in the same situation and that it's very stressful, My accountant submitted my before the end of December and received an IR Mark as proof of receipt. After a few day sit showed as submitted on my account, but then the calculation never showed and my account didn't update. I called HMRC and they just told me they hadn't received my return and blamed me and my accountant for it. They said my agent should withdraw it and resubmit as they'd not submitted it properly. They weren't interested in the IR Mark which proves receipt of the tax return for some reason. My SA was withdrawn then resubmitted on the 8th of Jan, I received an IR mark as proof of submission yet again. To this date my return does not even show that it has been submitted and still shows as LATE. I am receiving late penalty reminders and expect to move into the £10 per day fines at the end of this month. My accountant called HMRC multiple times and was told that it needed to be fixed by their internal team and they cannot say when this will be due to a huge backlog. They did say not to worry about fines, but with no timescale and with penalty notices arriving in my mail it's not a very nice experience. If I call HMRC myself they just say they've not received my SA return, yet my accountant gets a different story entirely. This is very stressful. I appealed my first fine and received a letter saying that I didn't state why I submitted my tax return late, which obviously I did. It also said they can't process my appeal as I haven't yet submitted my tax return. Absolute nonsense. HMRC will owe me around £1,800 as a tax refund as I overpaid payments on account last year. Given that it's going to take many months to even have my SA processed, I'm looking at maybe 6 months, a year before I get my tax refund? What an absolute mess. I