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  • RE: about filling SA106

    Hello ! I sent my tax return today. Just now I found that there are 2 typing mistakes. 1. on the SA100, the employer reference should be end with '9035'and I put '9025' 2. on the SA109, bix 40, I should type 'started having a home on Aug 2021'. I had typed '2022'. What can I do?
  • RE: about filling SA106

    Hello, Dear Admin, I am filling out the SA106 because the foreign dividends exceed £2,000. I would like clarify should I put the amount on SA106 Page F2 " Dividends from foreign companies" ( The dividends are not taxed on the remittance basis.) Thank you
  • RE: Foreign interest and dividends

    Hello, I received the dividends which were made by foreign securities of company shares. I bought those securities from the stock market. The total of foreign dividends was more than £2,000. I have to fill in the SA106, page F2, and there are many rows on page F2. Am I correct if I put the amount on page F2 "Remittance foreign dividend income"?
  • I am filling out for foreign income (SA106), do i need to fill out SA102

    Dear Sir, For the last tax year I have a full time jobs in the UK. I have my copy of P45 and P60 from the companies. I think my companies have had let the government know how much I earned from them. I am doing the self tax assessments because I have foreign income. In this case, do I need to fill out SA102 with the information from P45 and P60?
  • about filling SA106

    I am holding shares of securities(foreign stock market) and dividends income was made by those foreign company. For SA106, am I right if put that income on Page F2 "Interest and other income from overseas saving"? or I should it on Page F2 " Dividends from foreign companies"?