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  • RE: Working from Home Tax Relief Query

    Hi, Thanks for your response. Please could you confirm whether or not the situation I outlined in my post above means that the following no longer applies to me? ‘there are no appropriate facilities available to perform the job on the employers premises’ Thank you
  • Working from Home Tax Relief Query

    I have worked for my employer for almost 2 years now. Before March 2024, the company did not have any office or working space for employees and so everyone worked from home. I was therefore able to claim the working from home tax relief without any confusion as to whether I am entitled. However since March this year, my company have started renting a small coworking space in London for the benefit of my colleagues who live in London. I am not local to London and whilst I am entitled to use the coworking space, it does not have sufficient capacity for more than 6 people. I am therefore unlikely to visit more than once per quarter. I am unclear as to whether this coworking space which exists in a public library and can be rented by multiple other companies too, equates to an office? If so, does this mean I am now no longer eligible for working from home tax relief despite the fact I have no intention to use the space regularly? Thanks in advance