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  • RE: PILON late in March 2024

    Thank you. -The specific case of PILON is not addressed in the advice about ANI as far as I could see, hence the question. However, I assume the answer, based on the first sentence of your reply, is that it all of the PILON counts in the ANI. --Please advise if I have misunderstood. -The PILON arriving in 2023-2024 (which mostly represents pay for 2024-2025) triggers the HIC for CB in 2023-2024. So, in effect, HMRC will be taking back some/all of the CB we already received. --Can any of this be reclaimed in 2024-2025 if I have no employment income for the period covered by the PILON for 2024-2025?
  • PILON late in March 2024

    I received a PILON in late March 2024. So, this PILON is, in effect, salary for the end of 2023-2024 and some of the coming weeks in 2024-2025. Is it possible to allocate the PILON across tax years (some in 2023-2024 and the rest in 2024-2025) in my tax return? If yes, please advise where to do this in the tax return and how to calculate correctly ( I divide by how many working days it represents and then multiply by the number of working days left in 2023-24 and in 2024-2025)? If no, does all the PILON count towards the adjusted net income calculation? Thanks