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  • Gains on foreign life insurance policies

    I redeemed a foreign insurance last year & have some query on input of the page "Other overseas income and gain". For my gains on foreign life insurance policies, I understand the gained amount can be reduced for 1. periods of non-residence & 2. the number of years since the insurance was made (i.e. from insurance commence to redeemed). So when I fill in the field "Gains on foreign life insurance policies", shall i fill in the reduced gained amount , calculating by reducing both 1. period of non-residence and 2. no. of years since the insurance was made ? Thank you
  • Foreign Exchange

    I immigrate to UK in 2021 and before immigration, I have some USD. Now I want to buy some Euro using those USD. In future, if I convert those Euro to GBP for use in UK, do I need to calculate any foreign exchange gain, and if so, how to calculate it ? Thank you.
  • Tax on for fix deposit Interest

    I placed a fix deposit on February 2023 and will mature on August 2023 (6 months fix deposit). Deposit interest will be posted to my bank account upon maturity on August 2023. In that case, do I need to report the interest for February & March 2023 (by prorata of 2 months interest) in my 2022/2023 tax filing? Or report the whole interest (6 months) to my 2023/2024 tax filing ? Thank you.
  • file a tax return

    I submitted SA109, SA100 & SA106 via royal mail on 28 October, 2022. As it is a tracked mail, I checked that the mail was received by HMRC already. However, when I login my online tax account today, there is no information of my tax return in the 'View Self Assessment return for tax year 2021 to 2022' section. Kindly advise if I need any further action to complete my tax return ? Thank you.