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  • Mileage and subsistence!!

    Firstly can I say I have read the guidance and spoken to an advisor at HMRC who gave me a "best guess" answer, but I am still non the wiser. I work as a freelance outdoor instructor which means I don't work from home or have a usual place of work, I can be asked to deliver in any part of the country and by multiple organisations. I need to know what/if anything I can claim for in the following circumstances:- Mileage I travel 20 miles to deliver a days in school training then drive home again? I deliver two days 'in the field training' but am close enough to home to drive there and back each day? I deliver three days 'in the field training' with 24/7 responsibility for the group. I drive to the start point, drive to meet my group at several points during each day and drive home at the end of day three? I may have a job that finishes on the Monday evening and another starting on the following Wednesday morning in a different part of the country, can I claim travel between the two? Subsistence Can I claim for any meals in the above scenarios?
  • Probate valuation

    My father died 3 years ago, but my brother (the executor) is only now going through the probate procedure. I wanted to know if a probate value we were provided with from an estate agent a month after he died is sufficient for both the probate procedure and any future capital gains tax calculations. If it isn't what will we need to provide?