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  • RE: Transferring previous years' Stocks & Shares ISA to new Cash ISA

    Thanks for the reply. How odd that I couldn't get advice when others with similar queries have! Is that a free number as I've heard how long people are having to hold on to get through. That's the whole reason I tried this forum!
  • Transferring previous years' Stocks & Shares ISA to new Cash ISA

    Please advise om my specific question as it's complicated enough! In August 2023 I transferred the whole of a PREVIOUS YEARS' Stocks & Shares ISA to a new CASH ISA with a different provider. No funds had been paid into the S&S ISA in 2023/24. I had only 30 days to pay into the new Fixed Rate Cash ISA but due to incorrect info being given to me by the Financial Adviser, it took about that to get the old S&S ISA funds transferred so I couldn't pay any more into it. I then opened another CASH ISA with yet a different provider and paid my £20k allowance for 23/24 into that. I phoned that ISA provider to explain my situation and was told it was ok to hold that 2nd Cash ISA. I am now not sure that that was the correct info and I am concerned about it. I HAVE ONLY SUBSCRIBED NEW MONEY TO ONE CASH ISA IN THIS TAX YEAR. If the info the ISA provider gave me isn't right, what do I do to correct it?