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  • exchange rate

    I cannot find the monthly exchange rate table of HKD against GBP in the year of 2009. May you give me the exchange rate of August and December. I need to convert HKD into GBP for the calculation of capital gain.
  • financial option and future trading

    I trade financial option and future trading. How to declare the profit and loss in the self assessment? In what category?
  • RE: derivative investment

    Do you mean that I shall declare the profit of derivative investment as dividend income?
  • capital gain and personal allowance

    I retired and without income. I invest shares. If I have profit after selling shares, will the profit be calculated in the Personal Allowance GBP12,570?
  • derivative investment

    If it has profit and loss in derivative investment, such as option, future, structural link products, shall it be declared in the Capital Gain Tax category under the self assessment?
  • share dividend

    I received share dividends from Hong Kong. Some of the dividends were paid by China Corporate. The dividends were deducted 10% tax by China Government before receiving it. Shall I declare this income in the Self Assessment? Does it have taxation relief for this kind of dividends?