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  • Capital loss from shares following liquidation

    Hi I had shares in Cineworld in my Stocks & Shares ISA account. Cineworld went into administration in 2023 and my share holdings in Cineworld with Nil value was transferred by the broker from ISA to a non-ISA account (Fund & Share account). Can you advise if capital loss can be claimed to be carried forward to future years. Thank you.
  • Deferred Stock Awards (DSU)

    Hi My employer is in the UK whose parent company is based and listed (on the stock exchange) in the US. I was awarded shares in prior year from the American parent that vested in tax year 2022-23 as part of the Deferred Stock Unit (DSU) awards which I have sold in the same tax year. My UK payslip shows the GBP equivalent of the of the total vested shares (incl. shares that were held for witholding tax in the US) under 'Earnings' section (also reflected in the P60 under Total Pay for the year), whilst the 'Deductions' side of the payslip includes both the UK income tax (on the total vested shares) plus the GBP equivalent of the US withholding tax (shown as DSU tax) in calculating the net pay. However, P60 under 'Total Tax deducted' only includes UK income tax and does not include the US withholding tax. My question is how do I reflect this in my online self assessment. Do I need to complete the foreign income section? Can I claim credit for the US witholding tax? Thanks!