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  • RE: cheque or online payment?

    I am concerned about the advice provided in the previous post. There is nothing on the HMRC website to suggest that a person who makes an online payment should be required to send a covering letter to confirm which years a payment should be allocated against. On a separate thread on this forum there is a post from HMRC Admin 5 which states that HMRC staff will use their judgement to allocate any payments against the correct year. I live abroad and was recently approved to pay Class 2 NI including for past years. I intend to make a series of separate online payments, one per month, each of which will be the exact amount in GBP of one of my outstanding years. I no longer have a UK bank account and do not have the option to pay by cheque. Please can HMRC Admin assure me that these will be allocated in such a way that the oldest years are filled first and that the 'system' will not be confused by a series of separate payments as opposed to one lump sum?
  • RE: How to Pay Voluntary National Insurance Contributions from Abroad

    Hello HMRC, Please can you confirm that those of us who live abroad and who have access to a UK bank account can still make our Class 2 NI contributions to the following HMRC account: Sort code 20 20 48. Account 30944793 This account was previously listed on the HMRC website in the section "Pay Class 2 National Insurance if you do not pay through self assessment" but has now been removed. The above account is still listed in document INS13 Paying National Insurance Contributions from abroad.
  • RE: payment of voluntary class 2 NIC contributions from abroad

    Regarding payment from abroad. Last month on the HMRC website there was an option for those paying from abroad but using a UK bank account. The HMRC account for this option was: Sort code: 20-20-48 Account: 30944793 Name: HMRC NIC Receipts Reference: NI number followed by IC followed by surname and initial Today I checked The above option is no longer listed. Please can HMRC admin advise how to make payment if you live abroad via a UK bank account?

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