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  • RE: Transfer of savings from Australia to UK

    Thank you. If the tax year overlaps with the U.K. Tax year, do I need to declare that income? (I earned money up until July 2023, ie. After start of U.K. 2023 tax year). I am now working full time in the U.K. many thanks
  • Transfer of savings from Australia to UK

    I am a British citizen - I have recently returned from living in Australia for 3 years. I have got a savings account there which I am hoping to transfer across to the UK. As I was self-employed for some of my time there I am just about to pay my tax bill for 2022-2023 (their tax year ends 30th June). Can I transfer money before I pay this or should I pay the bill first? (I have money set aside for my tax bill in a separate part of my account). And do I need to declare any of the money I want to transfer across? It will be about 40 thousand AUD. I also have some money that I earned which I have technically not paid tax on yet as it is from 2023-24 tax year - can I transfer that across (obviously leaving some in my Aus bank account ready for my tax bill) too? Thank you so much!