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  • Confused re foreign income reporting- please help

    I am a UK citizen and domiciled in UK for tax purposes, and hence expect to pay tax in UK on my global income. I might have some overseas income from savings interest+ capital gains, but total will be less than GBP 2000 1. I have a personal savings allowance of GBP 500, If total interest earned (on savings accounts held abroad+ savings account in UK ) is less than the " personal savings allowance" I assume there is no tax to pay on interest. eg if overseas interest is 400, and UK interest is 50= Total 450 GBP. Is this correct? 2. In the above case, where do I input the overseas interest earned ? In the " foreign income section" or along with separate section for " UK bank interest"? 3. Separately I understand that income arising from redemption of overseas " non-reporting" mutual funds should be classified as general income rather than capital gains and will be taxed as such. Where should this be reported / which section? And do I tick " yes" or " no" to the question in Section 1- " If you disposed of any chargeable assets, or had any chargeable gains, or you wish to claim an allowable loss, or make any other claim or election, do I need to complete the Capital Gains section?" - if all these gains were abroad, and not in UK? Many thanks
  • Overseas capital gains , which are within the " annual exempt amount" for CGT

    I am a UK resident and domiciled in UK for tax purposes. I understand that I will pay tax in UK on my global income. I am aware that for capital gains there is an " annual exempt amount " below which no tax is payable on my capital gains, I have some historical shares and funds in another country which I bought when I was living there many years ago. If i sell them and make a profit( capital gain)- if such gains are still within the " annual exempt amount " for UK capital gains tax ( gbp 12300 for 2022-2023 and gbp 6000 for 2023-2024) then I understand that no tax is payable. ( I have no other capital gains income in uk ) Is this correct? Even if no tax is payable, do I still need to declare this in self assessment - if so do I declare it under the " overseas income" section or the " capital gains" section? Many thanks
  • ISA - accidentally paid into two S and S ISA

    I have a Stocks and Shares ISA for 2022-23 tax year with a provider ( say, Provider A) to which I am paying a regular sum every month and that is the only Stocks and Shares ISA into which I intended to pay. However just realised that a different provider ( say, Provider B )with whom I had a Stocks and Shares ISA for the previous tax year ( 2021-22) has paid a small amount of GBP 25 as reward for referring a friend, and has paid it late in June 2022 thus counting as an ISA contribution for 2022-23 with that provider also, Hence also a rather trivial amount it would seem that I have inadvertently paid into two separate Stocks and Shares ISA by a very small amount. ( My total contribution still remains below the limit of GBP 20000). How can I solve this issue? Thanks