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  • RE: nomination of main residence

    Hi HRMC Administrator, I lived in a rented property in London, and My only main residence is overseas (which I nomrally live more than 90 days for a year). I forgot to register my resideInce as m main residence druing the two year periods. Can I still write to HMRC to nominate, as I think rent proerty i have not direct benefit from it? Many thanks! J
  • Capital gain

    Hi, I have a question regarding captial gain i would like to kindly ask you advice. My only main home was bought in 2016 abroad when i lived there full time. My only home is UK is a buy-to let flat which bought in 2018 and has never been lived before. In 2018 i moved to uk, lived in rented property. I became a tax residence in 2019. Since i never dominated my main residence. what happend for the following thing? 1. do I need to nominate my oversea home as main home given it already passed the two years limit since i bought my buy-tto-let flat? 2. if i sell my home abroad can I still claim PRR fully? As this is my main home given the fact that i have no owned home in UK ( only live in rent property) Many thanks!
  • nomination of main residence

    Hi HMRC, I just want to ask if  I have not nominated my main residence, how do you determine which one is my main residence. Where I can check the questions of facts on your website? Many thanks!