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  • RE: Claim back tax from carry forward pension

    The carrying the unused allowance is clear. The recovery of taxes isn't as the language isn't clear. Pension providers always put an uplift of 20% on the contributions, this is claimed from HMRC. If you put a carry forward, the HMRC contributes the 20% of these contributions - puts back tax it has taken. However some people are on the 40%/45% tax bands, meaning there is extra 20%/25%. This is the missing recovery.
  • RE: Claim back tax from carry forward pension

    Hi This seems contrary to that is stated in the website: "You will not be taxed on pension savings over your annual allowance if you have enough unused annual allowance from previous years to carry forward. You can carry forward unused allowance from the 3 previous tax years." You will not be taxed - the tax was already taken, carrying it forward means we can claim it. Otherwise "you will not be taxed" looses it's meaning. And look how this guidance doesn't specify "the current year". Meaning if you were taxed for what you put in your pension as per the allowances, carry forward or not, and there is no refund, then it actually means you are taxing pension contributions within the allowances.
  • Claim back tax from carry forward pension

    Hi This year I paid the maximum into my pension to account for last year, and 2 prior years before. This means that I paid an extra 33.5k(there abouts) for 2020-2021 and 33.5k 2021-2022 and my employer paid every year around 6.5k. This using the 40k pension allowance for 2020-2021 and 2021-2022. How do I claim back the taxes on this? I sent a letter to the self assessment team, but I don't know if there is a specific form. Kind regards B.