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  • RE: Inquiry - Self-Assessment for Leaving the UK Temporarily

    Are there any updates? I am a bit concerned because the overseas self-assessment report is required to be mailed and not uploaded via the HMRC Gateway online account... Thank you for your help in advance!
  • Inquiry - Self-Assessment for Leaving the UK Temporarily

    I am now working abroad and would like to consult the advice of HMRC regarding whether I need to mail a self-assessment report to HMRC during my overseas period of stay: I am working full-time overseas for 1 year and 8 months. I am planning to finish my job in March 2025 and return in May 2025. I left the UK in July 2023, so I am a UK resident in 2023/24 under the automatic test For the 2023/4 tax year, I would like to apply for split-year treatment. I have filled in the P85 form, however, there is no reply regarding whether my status will be subject to split-year treatment yet. I mentioned in the form that I would visit the UK for 15 days. However, due to various circumstances, I had not been able to make this trip last year. Following the above, if I am still required to do a self-assessment or any form of tax report for the financial year 2023/4, should I mail my report to HMRC before the deadline around October 2024? For the 2024/5 tax year, I have no interest in visiting the UK for more than 15 days, which means I am not a UK tax resident this financial year. Do I need to submit a self-assessment form for the financial year 2024/5, after returning to the UK in May 2025? I have interest income from the UK banking system, which includes ISA (2 Years, 20K) and fixed bond (2 Years, 24K), with an interest of a sum of 4400 GBP approximately, after two years of investment. This would be the only UK income during this period when I work overseas. Also, I remember that if the interest income is not more than 10,000 GBP, no self-assessment report would be required. I only have two income sources, overseas salary and UK interest. Also, there was a part-time job before leaving the UK between April 2023 and June 2023, which has been reported and taxed by my former employer. The amount of salary received for the part-time job was less than 500 GBP. My understanding regarding my follow-up actions for the taxation report is that: If the splits year treatment is approved, then the first 8.5 months of overseas income (July 2023 - March 2024) are not taxable, so my understanding is that I do not need to fill in the self-assessment form. Or should I send my salary invoice copies to the HMRC before the deadline for the 2023-24 financial year self-assessment? The full second-year overseas income is not taxable, hence I do not have to fill in the assessment form In summary, should I fill in a self-assessment form anyway and provide additional information regarding my overseas income, to let HMRC technicians decide if the income in the 2023-4 and the 2024-5 financial years are taxable?